I was reading the New York Times online and came across one of their latest news videos, it was dam disturbing.  Just when you think you have heard and seen it all, you come across a story like this. Beauty coupled with brains, and drive is considerate key ingredients for success in the West, except in Cambodia it can be a curse for young women.  There in Cambodia if you’re beautiful and a virginal you become a prime target for sex traffickers.  It was there a young girl from a small village was drugged and taken. Luckily for her, her parents alerted the police, and she was found in the sex trafficker house tied up.  She was spared a terrible life in the brothels, or being sold to Cambodian or Thai businessmen, it gets worse, after being seen by a doctor hired by the sex trafficker, if she is a virgin she could be sold to men with AIDS.  They believe if they have sex with a virgin they will be cured.  The girl may have been spared a life of sexual abuse; however the drug given to her, made her sick, weak and partially paralyzed. The uncle made and effort to help by mortgaging his home to pay for some medical care, nevertheless the family is broke with no means of providing the girl with medical care.   Check out this video, online (New York Times) by Nicholas D. Kristof.


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