Jared Loughner is not the average twenty-two year old-young man, hanging out with friends, dating or attending college.  Loughner is, sitting in a federal jailed without bail, facing five counts of murder and attempted murder. State charges will soon follow.   On January 8th 2011, this young man open fire on a crowd of constitutes, attending a public meeting held by Congress women Giffords.   Killing six and wounding 19.  Once this horrific event registers in our minds, the next question is what provokes a person to commit an act of violence of this magnitude.  Who is Jared Loughner?  Up to now we know with the release of his family statement to the public, they are sorry and do not understand why this happen, therefore unaware of their son mental instability. A former high school girlfriend describes him as intelligent, quiet, and good with numbers and math, as well as being a loner.

Loughner was a registered student at Pima Community College, where some of the instructors feared him; he was reported as intense, hostile and strange.  The campus police recounted five times they intervene with Loughner; he was suspended and asked not to return until he received a mental health evaluation.  He dropped out.   Various friends and associates say the best way to get in his mind and figure out his motives behind the tragic shooting is to read his journals.  In recent news story he is described as someone who lived in a dream world, someone who may have lost touch with reality. Whatever the reason, it will not bring back the lives taken, or take away the physiological distress the surviving victims are experiencing.     

Thisandthatblog would like to remember the people who were tragically killed on this sad day. Our prayers go out to all the victims and their families.

Christina Green

John Roll

Gabriel Zimmerman

Dorwan Stoddard

Dorothy Morris

Phyllis Schneck


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