“Usher Carpool Karaoke” 

Tuesday night Usher appeared on a segment of “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden.

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Cobras found In Potatoes Chip Cans

Via (CNN)The discovery of three deadly king cobras in potato chip cans led to the arrest of a Southern California man on suspicion of illegally importing the snakes and other reptiles, according to a news release from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

The man, named in an affidavit seen by CNN as Rodrigo Franco, was taken into custody after United States Customs and Border Protection inspected a package from Hong Kong and discovered the three live, 2-foot-long snakes crammed into potato chip canisters.

Transgender People will be Ban from the Military

 President Donald Trump tweeted early Wednesday morning that the Military will ban transgender people.

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Woman who live streamed deadly car crash arrested: ‘I f**king killed my sister, I know I’m going to jail for life’

An 18-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of causing a deadly crash which she live streamed on Instagram.

The footage shows Obdulia Sanchez, from StocktonCalifornia, before, during and after the fatal crash.

It ends with her kneeling next to her dead 14-year-old sister and saying: “Wake up baby, I’m f**king sorry baby, I did not mean to kill you sweetie.”

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Human trafficking and smuggling In San Antonio 

38 people were found dead or severely injured in the back of a  semi-truck. Officers discovered a semi- truck with dozens of people crammed inside. Eight of them were already dead. Thirty others were severely injured, including many who will have “irreversible brain damage,” the city’s fire chief said. One of the injured died later at the hospital.
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Kim Zolciak daughter feuding With Kenya Moore

Kim Zolciak daughter Brielle was not happy with the shade Kenya was giving her mom, so she took to twitter to express her feelings.

Kenya is a dumb ugly evil b—-,” the 20-year-old wrote, and one fan told her to mention Kenya’s Twitter handle so Kenya could see her tweet. But Brielle was confident that Kenya would eventually see it and responded, “I don’t need to! She stalks me and my mom.”

It seems like Kenya did read Brielle’s tweet, and the 46-year-old posted a photo of herself and captioned:

Everywhere you look there are haters…don’t let them dull your shine or steal your joy.”
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Usher wife Grace Miguel shares an Instagram post

R/B singer Usher faced with another lawsuit, after a $1.1 million settlement with a woman who claimed he infected her with herpes, now faces a $10 million lawsuit from a second woman making a similar allegation.
Now his wife Grace Miguel shares an Instagram post:

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The cast of Black Panther at Comic- Con

Black Panther” stole the show Saturday night at Marvel Studios’ Comic-Con presentation. Fans went wild for the exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming superhero pic, featuring star Chadwick Boseman T’Challa. 
The film finds T’Challa returning to his home of Wakanda after the death of his father, the king.

“He’s still mourning his father’s death. It’s a transition period that gets interrupted, and he’s struggling with the type of king he wants to be,” said Boseman.

Coogler, Boseman, Nyong’o, Gurira, Serkis and more of the cast were on hand in San Diego to talk about the film, out Feb, 16, 2019.

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“Justice League” Trailer

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Actor John Heard star in “Home Alone” Dead

John Heard star in” Home Alone” has died, according to TMZ Heard had minor back surgery Wednesday at Stanford Medical Center. He had roles in , Big, Beaches, “Gladiator just to name a few. John Heard was 72.