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The iconic Whitney Houston has passed away on Saturday February 11, 2012 and just like the rest of you I was shocked.  I thought it was one of those twitter jokes where every so often someone announces a celebrity has died, unfortunately Whitney Houston really is gone at the young age of 48.  Like many others I grew up on Whitney’s music, at every stage in her music career I can associated with a time in my life.   The first time I heard Whitney Houston voice I was 13 years old it was 1985 the song was “You Give Good Love”.  I have followed Whitney music ever since. Over the years there has been so much negativity surrounding this woman, through it all I remained a loyal supporter of someone who could sang so effortlessly. Whitney Houston was a natural talent with a voice from the gods.   Now her beautiful voice is silenced.  I, like the rest of world is truly sadden by this news.  My heart goes out to her family and friends. 
In memory of Whitney Houston August 9,1963-Febuary 11,2012


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