In Seattle a couple is charged with defrauding the government, according to federal authorities a chiropractor and his wife live on 1.2 million  water front property , while receiving welfare benefits, and receiving section 8.  David Silverstein Lyudmila Shimonova  are accused of making false claims and the U.S.  attorney is demanding the couple of pay back $135,000 in federal assistance going back to 2003, apparently  Silverstein use his office as his address in order for his wife to receive section  8 and temporary assistance for needy families along with social security for disability.   Silverstein received $1,272 as Shimnova alleged landlord and Shimonova received 2000 a month from social security as a single person right along with the welfare benefits.   The couple was traveling around the world, according homeland security. The U.S. attorney is also seeking 11, 000 in fines for false claims from the couple.   Checkout the link: FYI thisandthatreader!!


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