Drafted in 1996 1st round to  Philadelphia ,1997 rookie of the year,  2001 MVP, All-star
MVP 2001, 2005, including 13.8 ppg 2.80 RPG,  Iverson has position himself to become part of
the NBA hall of fame.  Due to a lack of interest In the NBA, Iverson left
in 2010 to play for the Turkish Club Beisktas, he signed a 4 year 2 million
contract.  Now Iverson is ready to come back to the NBA “It was one of the greatest experiences of my life” he said “They were great to me. They embraced me like I would never think. Everything was great as far as the experience.”  Turning 36 this month Iverson
would be considered aging veteran, however Iverson feels he has the confidence to return and win a NBA championship.  “I know what I can do” says Iverson.  He says
everything else in his life is good; the only thing that is missing is basketball.  “Maybe I’ve rubbed people the wrong way as far as saying things I’ve said in my life and my career. But if any team needs me to help try and win a championship in any capacity I’m waiting.”  I hope he gets his chance to return to the NBA, he sounds mature and humble.

Would you look to see Allen Iverson return to the NBA?

What team do you think could use his skill?

Give us your thisandthat opinion


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