Remember the other sister on “Family Matters” who disappeared after the forth season, well that would be Jaimee Foxworth. After the show she couldnt find work and had a tough time, so tough she ended up doing porn movies, although its all part of her past, Foxworth feels that’s one of the reasons she was left out of the reunion. Jaimee Foxworth talks exclusively to “The Root” about being left out of Entertainment Weekly reunion photo shoot with the cast of “Family Matters.”

“I was not invited at all. I wasn’t even contacted,” Foxworth said told the online publication. “Shawn (Waldo) sent me a text two days before it was released. He asked if anyone contacted me, and he just wanted to let me know that EW contacted them to do a reunion cover. And he just didn’t want me to be shocked when it came out,” Foxworth continued.

“The people in the picture are more important than the picture itself. It was a slap in the face from Entertainment Weekly. I don’t think there’s any good explanation. If they want to use adult films as the reason, I’m not the first person to do adult films and won’t be the last,” Foxworth said.

“By being included, It could have started a conversation about how certain people in a family don’t always do what everyone agrees with. Sure I did adult films, but the only people that are going to be shocked about it, are kids. It’s not shocking. I did not kill anyone. I didn’t murder anyone. The only pain I inflicted on anyone was myself,” Foxworth said.

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