An eight-year-old girl has died just months after she was dared to drink boiling water through a straw. Kiari Pope, of Florida, was given the dare by her cousins in March when the group saw a video on YouTube about drinking boiling water through a straw, her family says. Her cousin, Latoya Johnson, said Kiari felt “fierce”. Kiari died months after drinking boiling water.

“She felt like she was so fierce and could do everything,” she said. “Oh, I’ll do it.”

After she took on the challenge, she was rushed to hospital in Miami with severe internal burns, Doctors put a tube in her throat.

Kiari was given a tracheotomy – an incision in the windpipe made to relieve an obstruction to breathing – and was left deaf with chronic respiratory problems, the Palm Beach Post reports. It was last weekend, after Kiari fell asleep, that she woke up unable to breathe. Within a minute, she was unresponsive. Nearly an hour of CPR couldn’t bring her back. She was rushed to hospital and later pronounced dead.


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