Deion Sanders’ son Shilo announced Thursday his joy over being back with his mother Pilar full time following a super-messy, four-year custody battle.

“After what seems like forever, I’m finally officially back full time with my mom!” Shilo wrote on Instagram. “My mom having full custody of me is all I have wanted for years. Thank you to the court system for finally seeing the truth, and putting me in a healthy loving environment.”

Deion Sanders’s divorce Pilar Sanders a few years ago. The couple was married for fourteen years and the marriage ended due to allegations of cheating and child abuse. Pilar lost custody of her three kids.

In 2015, Pilar was ordered to pay Deion $1 million over defamatory claims he “kicked” and “choked” one of this sons (it’s not clear which son). Last year, Deion Sanders was sued, because his son Shilo, allegedly beat a school employee to the point of needing spinal surgery for taking away his cellphone.

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