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A Good Samaritan finds two young brothers wandering in the cold on Detroit’s west side – but now they’re doing fine.

Two young boys were found wandering the snowy streets of Detroit near Brace and Chicago on Detroit’s west side.

Manson McCann discovered 7-year-old Camaury Reese and 8-year-old Armani Tuesday afternoon when he dropped off a friend after work.

“I asked them where you going,” McCann said. “They were trying to get to some Christian’s house. I told them it’s not safe, go back to where you came from. They said there isn’t anybody there.”

The boys, the youngest wearing only shorts at the time, showed McCann where they lived on Brace Street and claimed they had been left alone inside their apartment for two days.

“It is a total mess in there,” McCann said. “There are clothes everywhere kitchen is a mess. You can tell they have been alone for a while. I asked them how long they’ve been there, they haven’t eaten.”

McCann quickly called Detroit police and FOX 2.

Officers treated the boys as if they were their own, trying to gather any information they could about their parents. Read Moreย

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