TMZ Sports-released footage from the May 2015 domestic violence incident between former NFL star Ray McDonald and the mother of his child.

The disturbing video begins with the former San Francisco 49ers’ defensive end cornering the woman in the dining room and her distinctly saying, “Please get away from me, Ray.”

 She weeps while telling McDonald that she’s recording him because “You’re in here acting crazy. Like, what are you doing?” She adds, “This is crazy.”


[Warning: Video is graphic in nature].


Although police responded to the scene and McDonald was charged with domestic violence and felony false imprisonment, a grand jury didn’t indict the ex-NFL player after seeing the video. The charges were dropped.

“It’s one of the most horrific videos I’ve seen and heard in my 46 years of practicing law,” the woman’s lawyer, Robin Yeamans, told TMZ.

She added that her client is trying to convince the NFL to launch a Domestic Violence Victim’s Fund, which would “ensure that the victims and children of abusive players receive medical, counseling, and legal support paid by the league.”

McDonald, 32, hasn’t played in the NFL since that May 2015 domestic violence incident.

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