Conor McGregor wants to fight Floyd Mayweather, Mcgregor obtained a boxing licence in the state of California and recently MeGregor said he’d fight Mayweather for $100 million.

Floyd Stated on fight

“Man, I don’t fight in California. What did he get a license in California for, “I’ma tell you like this, he’s blowing smoke up everybody’s ass,” Mayweather added. “He don’t really want to fight because I went to his boss. He don’t really want to fight. He’s just doing that to keep his name alive, you know what I’m saying, to stay relevant. He don’t really want to fight. He’s doing that building his followers, but he’s smart.”

Mayweather’s continues to add hype  by, ranting on Periscope.

“I don’t give a (expletive) what night it was, I ain’t never taking no L. I’m (expletive) McGregor up too,” Mayweather said. “Punk-(expletive) McGregor. I’m gonna slap McGregor. I’m gonna slap the (expletive) out of McGregor when I see him.”

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