A woman who thought she had bought an expensive Sphynx cat realized that she had in fact been scammed into buying a shaved kitten.

JoAnne Dyck paid out $700 (£560) on what she believed to be a hairless Sphynx after seeing an advert for them in Alberta, Canada.

And after the animal was dropped off, she had no reason to think otherwise.

JoAnne told CBC News: “He was like a little tiny kitten, no more than eight weeks old, and he was naked. Completely hairless.

Scam: The cat had been shaved of all its hair (Getty/File pic)


“It looked like a Sphynx because he was very, very skinny and his face was really angular.”

However, JoAnne quickly noticed that the new cat, named Vlad, was not getting along with her other Sphynx cats and after a visit to the vets, she discovered the horrific truth.

Vlad had in fact been shaved by scammers, who also plucked out his whiskers and used hair removal cream to finish the job.

JoAnne added: “I thought he was crying for his mum, but he probably was in pain.

“Regular Sphynx kittens would want to be held and would want to be warm and touched, but he didn’t want anything to do with us.

“He probably didn’t want to be touched because his hair – it wasn’t supposed to not be there.”

Vlad’s tail was also badly infected and nearly had to be amputated but he is now recovering with his new owner, who bought him from JoAnne.

He is now also starting to grow back his ginger fur.

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