The FBI, in conjunction with state and local law enforcement agencies, is seeking to identify two suspects who are believed have have been involved with multiple jewelry store robberies in multiple states. The first unknown suspect is described as a White female in her late 20s or early 30s. She is approximately 5’8″ tall and 130 pounds.

A female jewel thief is targeting stores across the South with a male accomplice. Together they have stolen millions of dollars worth of bling and is probably part of a sophisticated ring, investigators said Wednesday. A jewelry trade group has declared her “Public Enemy No. 1” and put out a $10,000 reward.

“She’s a very, very bold criminal,” said John Kennedy, president of the Jeweler Security Alliance.

All the heists follow the same, carefully orchestrated pattern.

The woman cases a store, then comes back the next day and casually chats with workers about an item. Suddenly, she whips a gun out of her purse and forces the employees to a back room — where she steals their keys and uses zip-ties to secure them.

“At that point, she’ll go back to the merchandise area of the store to lock the front door,” Borghini said.
Then she’ll retrieve some shopping bags from her purse…and start loading various high-dollar value items, typically diamonds and watches, from the jewelry store.

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