Beyonce’ XO single is stirring up plenty of controversy. Why you asked? The clip that opens her song XO, listeners hear a NASA announcer saying, “Flight controllers here looking very carefully at the situation.  Obviously a major malfuction.” The families of the astronauts who died say they are “disappointed” with Beyoncé’s choice to include the clip. 

Astronaut Clay Anderson who flew on the shuttle twice told ABC News, “For the words to be used in the video is simply insensitive, at the very least.”

Challenger exploded on Jan. 28, 1986, as it aired live on TV.  It was just 73 seconds into its flight and all 7 onboard were killed.  NASA has, however, released a statement saying that the Challenger accident is, “a tragic reminder that space exploration is risky.”

In a statement to ABC News she reportedly said, “My heart goes out to the families of those lost in the disaster.  The song ‘XO’ was recorded with the sincerest intention to help heal those who have lost loved ones and to remind us that unexpected things happen.” and should never be trivialized.” Take a listen for yourself. Share your thoughts…FYI this and that readers!!


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