OK! avid readers its time again for this and that bookclub. September 2013 we will begin to read “Dessa Rose” and we will get together for group discussion on twitter @ thisandthatblg on December 21 2013 at 7pm eastern time.
The book choice “Dessa Rose” by Sherley Anne Williams


is an  acclaimed historical novel based on two actual incidents: In 1829 in Kentucky, a pregnant black woman helped lead an uprising of a group of slaves headed to the market for sale. She was sentenced to death, but her hanging was delayed until after the birth of her baby. In North Carolina in 1830, a white woman living on an isolated farm was reported to have given sanctuary to runaway slaves. In Dessa Rose, the author asks the question: “What if these two women met?”
From there the story unfolds: two strong women, one black, one white, form a forbidden and ambivalent alliance; a bold scheme is hatched to win freedom; trust is slowly extended and cautiously accepted as the two women unite and discover greater strength together than alone. United by fate but divided by prejudice, these two women are locked in a thrilling battle for freedom, sisterhood, friendship, and love.

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