Released in 2009 is a history/drama movie based on accounts of   Benito Mussolini love affair with Ida Dasler and his rise in the  political arena. The movie is dark, moves all over the place, leaving you confused at times,  other than  that director Marco Bellocchio  presents a passionate tragedy.   Ida who is played by Giovanna Mezzogiorno,  struggles throughout the movie proclaiming  to be Mussolini wife and mother of his son Benito Albino played by Filippo Timi.   In order to keep her quiet Mussolini has her committed to an insane asylum. Mezzogiorno and Filippo give convincing performances.

The Last Mistress released in 2007, is a drama/ romance with sexual obsessions, passion, rumors and betrayal, director   Catherine Breillat creates a great French period piece and combines  it with the talent of  Asia Argento as (Vellini) and Fu’ad Ait Aattou as (Ryno de Marigny). The story begins after  a penniless nobleman played by  Aattou and a spanish woman  played by Argento  encounter,thus the    beginning of  an undeniable passionate relationship.

 Released in 2007  tells the story of a young poor Asian couple trying to survive in a new and emerging Beijing.  Both characters work for the same man who will eventually change  their lives.  Pingguo (Fan Bingbing) plays the massage girl and her husband the  window washer  Kun played by (Tong Dawei) begin to go through life changes after he watches their boss  having sex with his wife. Now enters blackmail, lies and disappointment. The director Yu Li gives the audience a great look at the development of  Beijing through his lenses.

I know some people  find it difficult to watch subtitles movies,   trust me step outside of your comfort zone and I will assure you this Italian , French, and Asian movie will be enjoyable! Put the kids to bed get the popcorn and pop in one of these Dvd’s enjoy! πŸ™‚


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