Nostalgia is setting in,the 80’s night-time soaps, just listening to the opening intro from these shows takes me back in time.  Who can forget  “Dallas”  and the  infamous JR grin and the never-ending battle between JR and Bobby for Ewing Oil. The spinoff “Knots Landing ” with the older  alcoholic  brother Gary and Valene Ewing along with devious Abbey Fairgate and Gary Sumner. How about “Falcon Crest” ruthless Angela Channing and Stepson Richard Channing always plotting revenge on his step mother.

What about “Dynasty”? Blake, Krystal Carrington and his evil ex-wife Alexis Carrington Colby. Oh! And the spinoff “The Colby’s” another dramatic exciting soap, with Blake’s son-in-law and daughter Fallon Carrington.

Thanks for giving us over the top
stories, shoulder pads and a glimpse of how the  wealthy live. Nighttime 80’s soaps I am placing you in the time capsule.


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