Its true you can find beauty in anything if you open your eyes. I recently move on the Northend in Detroit, and area one would not consider for obvious reasons abandon homes, and  empty fields where people go dump unwanted debris and crime. Well if we listen to the news crime  defines Detroit as a whole, with corrupt politicians, murderers and decaying neighborhoods. 
For the record that is not a fair or accurate definition of Detroit. Despite declining population I see progress in the city of Detroit. People coming together to redefine our community. As I walk through the area I see art work, beautiful colors painted over old unoccupied buildings.

Just this weekend Quicken Loans a Detroit-Based company had over a thousand employees volunteering to help board up vacant houses, clean and create beauty. This is happening all around the metro area. All in all this city is a work in progress. #I Love Detroit. FYI this and that readers!! >DSC01777DSC01786DSC01779 DSC01788DSC01789 (2)


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