Days after the George Zimmerman verdict of not guilty things are still tense around the country. In Los Angeles a peaceful protest became chaotic and a riot ensued. Reports say protesters began to looting stores, throwing rocks at store owners and burning American flags and trash cans. The Los Angeles police department declared a city wide tactical alert. Tweets from 911 says  two victims were transported to the hospital for being assaulted and LAPD cruisers were damaged.

This is not the way to vent your frustration. I understand your frustration over the not guilty verdict, however we must find other ways to deal with this unjust. Yes! Peaceful protesting, standing and fighting against laws  like”stand your ground”  that allows people like Zimmerman to get away with murder. Let’s use Trayvon Martin death to be proactive in our community. We have the power to create a good life and better life for our children through education and love. FYI thisandthatreaders!!


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