Hello, Thisandthatblog readers, I missed you! I have also missed informing you on the thisandthats around the globe. To put it short I’m back and ready to share. For the past several months I have been through a mind, body and spiritual cleanse. I
prioritize and now I have clarity. I had to figure out where I wanted to take this blog and what I wanted to represent. Well I decided to continue to inspire, enlighten and uplift. Of course I will continue with some of my popular post Thisandthatblogmovie picks and thisandthatblog time capsule. You can’t have the Yin without the Yang, so I will continue to update you on all things celebrity. As always I invite you to contribute by adding your thoughts in the comment section and sharing with others on Facebook and Twitter. Thank You for the support.  Tara Staples  🙂


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