It’s been awhile since a thisandthatblog movie pick. This is for lovers of the classics. Put the children to bed you want to kick back relax and enjoy my pick for your video night,  From the Terrace, based on the novel by John O’ Hara tells a familiar American drama. David Alfred Eaton (Paul Newman)  returns home from the war and find his mother (Myrna Loy) is an alcoholic and adulteress , we can’t blame her entirely  her husband Samuel (Leon Ames)neglects her by spending too much time at his Iron and Steel company. The father has always favored the eldest son Billy who died and he resents the fact Alfred is alive.  Do to the tension between Alfred and his father he refuses to join the family business and leaves home and heads to New York. Alfred meets up with his college friend in New York, Lex (George Gizzard) at a party and decides to go into business with.  At the party Alfred meets and makes a move on Mary St Jane (Joanne Woodward) who comes from a very wealthy family however, she is secretly engaged.  That does not stop him from pursuing her. Now things are lining up for Alfred a young executive married to a high society girl. What more can you ask?  As the story evolves he meets a young lady during a business trip Natalie Bezinger (Ina Balin).  He now has to decide if he wants love and happiness, or title and money.  This movie was release in the 1960’s based in the 1940’s, directed by Mark Robson.  The clothes Joanne Woodward wears are gorgeous. The men don’t look so bad either. Enjoy!  Share  your thoughts on this movie classic.


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