The latest report on Alzheimer’s says the disease is slower in people age 80 or older than the younger elderly.  The risk of developing the disease increases with age and by 85 the risk is about 50 percent. Researchers at University of San Diego California found that those who develop the progressive brain disorder that late in life will experience a less aggressive disease than those whose symptoms appear at 60 or 70 years. The research is based on a study of Alzheimer’s progression. They looked at more than 700 people aged 65 to 90, some with normal mental functioning some with mild signs of dementia and others suffering from Alzheimer. Participates were tested every 6 or 12 months. Researchers found that younger Alzheimer patients lost their mental function more often.

There is no effective cure to slow or cure Alzheimer’s disease, which gradually destroys brain cells and robs people of memory and their ability to communicate and carry out everyday tasks. FYI thisandthatreaders!!


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