For women understanding and tackling your finances can be a bit of a hassle, (maybe that’s a little understated) such a hassle we come up with any excuse to put it off.   Trust me I know, the thought of dealing with my money tenses me up to the point my back and head begins to ache, as result it cause me to seek out some sort of advice on how not to stress when dealing with my finances.  Fortunately for me I had a chance to attend a seminar on how to relieve stress with guess speaker Robin Thompson. Thompson is an expert in personal finance and author of “Increasing Your Cash Flow: A Practical Financial Guide”, she presented us with simple tools to help us deal with our finance without feeling like it was a job we hated.  Here are a few things I learned that might help you if you stress out every time it’s time to handle your finances.   Determine your destination:  1. Short term 2.intermediate 3. Long term.  The main thing I learn is always pay you first.  To learn more pick up her book, this is actually a work book to help you step by step in dealing with your finances.   


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