Two mothers are concerned for their daughters 26-year-old Kalisha Madden and 23-year-old  Cherice Gordon. “We have women  missing, lots of women missing” said Brenda Hill of It Takes A Village Y’all.  Four of them have turned up dead. The bodies were discovered in abandon cars on Detroit’s Eastside within a week of each other, and three out of the four victims were connected to a website where they had profiles.  Click the link to learn more on the two missing girls. FYI thisandthatreaders!!!

2 Mothers Believe Their Daughters’ Disappearances Are Connected.


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  1. Malik Ward says:

    I knew cherice gordan and i cannot believe this shyt but i know that she would never jus up and leave that is not like her so something needs to be done. They need to trace the call that she recieved before she left the house and try to get some type of leads this dnt make no sense that niggahs out here killing our black women and the shitty ass detroit police aint doin shyt about it i swear they all mite as well be laid off they dont do shyt as it is smh i am truely saddend by this but my prayers go out to her and her family


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