Jury awarded 150 billion dollars to a family of a burned child in Texas.  Eight year old Robbie Middleton was attacked June 1998; someone threw gasoline on him and set him on fire. He was burned over 99% of his body. The neighbor who discovered the body tells 911 dispatcher the boy said some kids threw “some gas on him.” When questioned by the police he said Don did it, Don Collins who was thirteen at the time,  was arrested five days later and sent to a detention center, six weeks later he was released without charges to the custody of his uncle.

Middleton lived twelve years after, a year before Middleton died he did a deposition video testifying to Collins sexually assaulting him two weeks before setting him on fire. Collins has never faced criminal charges because the evidence was too inconsistent.  Collins is now 26 and in prison for sexually assaulting an eight year old boy. He is schedule for release next year. Read more on this story at Crime &courts on msnbc.com. FYI thisandthatreaders!!! Click the link!!

Jury awards record $150 billion payout to family of burned child.


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