The five most common diseases affecting minorities, according to the CDC Office of “Minority Health and Health Disparities”

1.       Colorectal /Breast Cancer:

Black people with colorectal cancer aren’t living as long as whites, five years after diagnosis 72.8%  percent of white patients recover, but 68.2%blacks survive, although many African-American women go for mammograms as often as white women, minorities are less likely to follow-up if there’s an abnormality

2.       Heart Disease:

One main reason is blacks and Hispanics are more likely to suffer from obesity and hypertension. Two major risk factories, people of color often live in areas where there isn’t a lot of access to quality health care or better lifestyle choices.

3.       HIV/AIDS:

Injection drug use is one of the lead reasons for the spreading of the disease amongst minorities, although, blacks and Hispanics are being tested, 1 and 5  living with HIV is unaware of his status. The biggest group at risk is men of color who have sex with other men.

4.       Diabetics:

     African-Americans are 1.8 times  more likely  to have diabetes as Non-Hispanics whites , its  87% higher for Mexicans Americans and 94% higher for Puerto Ricans.

5.       Osteoporosis:

Asian American women who are 50  , however  certain lifestyle factors make Asians especially vulnerable they tend to consume much less calcium.


To read more on the this topic checkout abc news.go com/health/ disease-common-minorities

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