So far I have not been disappointed with the Marvel Comic  featured movies “Thor”, “Iron Man”  “Hulk”, and “Captain America”, although Captain America was slow-moving for me in the beginning, it turned out to be worthwhile,   to see the action hero come to life.  The visual effects and action within all the movies, right along with the cult following of the super hero’s added to the success at the box office.  Now we have “The Avengers” with the entire super hero squad together in one feature, schedule to premiere in May of 2012.  I have seen the trailer it’s quite exciting with plenty of action.  All I have to say is Paramount put together com’on teaser trailer, which definitely leaves you anticipating the release next May.  Your favorite stars will reprise their roles along with Scarlett Johansson as (black widow)  and one of my favorite actors Jeremy Renner as  (Hawkeye),  Mark Ruffalo, as the new (Hulk),  and of course Samuel Jackson as (Nick Fury).  I will leave you with this remember Loki, Thor’s brother.  If you want to checkout the trailer go to ITunes movie trailers.  FYI  :)thisandthat readers!!!


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