Tionne  T-Boz Watkins  one of the two remaining girls  in  the Grammy award-winning  singing group TLC  shared some of her health battles on CNN human factor with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  Tionne has been battling with sickle-cell since she was a child, and was not expected to live pass 30. She has always taken on a positive attitude when dealing with sickle-cell, and not being received as a victim.  Watkins was dealt another health crisis, when diagnosed with a brain tumor, she says, “I had started having headaches, but they were so frequent-something was wrong my doctor called, and his voice sounded funny and I said “you’re going to say something like I got a brain tumor or something right”?  It has been successfully removed and the only problem she has is with her balance.   At age 41 she is now working on a solo album and spreading the word especially to African-Americans, on how important it is for them to donate bone marrow.  FYI ;)thisandthatreaders!!!!  Click the link to see her interview.





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