Yes! We are the 99 percent, the majority, underemployed, unemployed, Yes! We come in all races and creeds, We are tired of the rich getting richer, We are ready to stand up, and we are using our first amendment rights, to be heard. Yes! We are the majority and we will not eat cake.  This is a paraphrase of Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York City.   Occupy Wall Street is gaining momentum and national media attention; it has taken a life of its own expanding from New York, Raleigh North Carolina, to Los Angeles California.  People are speaking with action, joining together to protest a system that is simply not working.   What do you think thisandthatreaders ?  Do you think this will have some kind of impact for change or nothing will change and the momentum for Occupy Wall Street will eventually fade away?


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  1. We should begin a Occupy Wallstreet protest here in detroit!! lets go!! National Movement

  2. John says:

    America is currently being destroyed by the international private bankers, also known as the Illuminati, which is led by the Rothschilds. They established the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA in 1913, which is privately owned by them and issues all US currency as debt. They collect interest on this debt through the taxes that US citizens pay to the US government. This is obviously fraudulent because they create the US currency that they issue out of nothing.

    The Illuminati hate the freedoms that have historically existed in the USA, which is why they’ve run it into the ground over the last 100 years. 9/11 was a set-up to provide the justification for invading the Middle East and subduing the Muslim countries because it’s those countries that are the most resistant to being ruled over by the global government, which is what the Illuminati is working towards establishing. It suited the Illuminati to use the USA to invade the Middle East and destroy it in the process through the heavy toll that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have taken on the US, both economically and socially.

    Currently there’s a European Union. An African Union and a Union of South American Nations have also already been tentatively established. The Illuminati plans to rule over these unions throughout the world with global government. It will basically be global communism if we allow it to eventuate.

    It’s a relief that protests are springing up all over the world because we desperately need to stand up and resist what is being foisted upon us. There are truly many more of us than there are of them. Together we’re more powerful than we might realise.

    You can find all the proof you need of the truth of what I’m saying at the following website:

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