Do you remember what you were doing on 9/11?  I do I was turning over in bed and Fox news was on, and I remember a complete silence coming from the TV, next, I remember hearing “oh my god” from the news anchor and a burning building falling to the ground.  I was still waking up, and I was thinking what the, next thing I saw was the second plane hitting second the tower.  My next question was what country is this; across the screen it said two planes have crash into the World Trade Centers, in New York City’s financial district. Wow!! People were running, crying the scene was chaotic. The images on TV were scary and at the time no one could explain why it had happen.   I jumped out of bed ran upstairs to my sister room “turn on the TV people are dying in New York two planes crashed into the World Trade Centers” we watched the TV all day, hoping to hear some kind of explanation for such a horrific day.   I remember praying for everyone. Ten years later my heart still goes out to the family and victims of 9/11.   Thisandthatblog salutes all the Fire Fighters, Police Officers and EMT’s for their service.

Tell us what you were doing where you were at when you first heard about this terrible terrorist attack on 9/11. 


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