Detroit go checkout the new independent movie “CornerStore”  by, up and coming director  Joe Doughrity,  starring Roger Guenveur Smith, you know him from “Do the Right Thing”  “American Gangster”, He Got Game and fellow Detroiter Lawrence Lamont, with appearances from Dwele, Tommy Hearns and Judge Mathis.  The movie premiered August 12, 2011 over the weekend in Detroit with positive reviews.  It is funny and familiar especially for many of us Detroiters who frequent the corner stores in our neighborhoods, where you encounter all sorts of characters. “CornerStore” is funny and brings the daily characters you see at the corner store to the big screen with a lot of laughs. I guarantee one of the characters portrayed in the movie will remind you of someone at your corner store. This movie has won several awards at the Pan Africa Film Festival in Los Angeles, Langston Hughes Film Festival in Seattle Washington and Best Comedy at the Windsor Film Festival. Thanks to a large amount of Detroit support “CornerStore” did extremely well at the Star Theater in Southfield, therefore extending the viewing of the movie.   Rumored has it that if “CornerStore” does well  this weekend  it has a chance of going national, then everyone can see how talented and hardworking Detroiters are.   If you haven’t seen it, Go Now!!!  Click the link and view the trailer for “CornerStore”.  FYI THIS AND THAT READERS 🙂


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