Tottenham London is in chaos after a 29-year-old man father of four was killed, by Tottenham officers from the Trident Union of the Metropolitan Police, which investigates gun crime, according to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, an external government body which regulates the police. The protest began peacefully, for Mark Duggan the victim, until 10:20 pm the protesters became violent, burning two police cars and throwing bottles and other objects at the police.  Some officers were treated for injuries and some hospitalized.  The riot escalated by 3am when protesters began to loot and burn most shops and    supermarkets.  Tottenham London is a poverty-stricken area, mostly blacks reside there.  UPDATE:

The British Government says that the riots are not about social justice, but absolute criminality.  I guess economic strain, and spending cuts, predominantly in social programs for the country’s poor effecting large numbers of minority’s really did not play a role.  When you ignore the people especially the youth, and their needs sooner or later you can expect discontent.  This is  not an opinion, history shows what happens when people get fed up with Bureaucracy.  Sign of the times.


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  1. From Russia says:

    Greetings from Russia :). Well and where you Richard’s descendants and knights? Men in England doesn’t remain.

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