“What’s in the dark will soon come too light”   

Sycamore, Illinois was in disbelief on December 3,1957, when 7 year old Maria Ridulph went missing. Maria and her best friend Kathy Chapman were playing under a street light, when a man came over and introduced himself as Johnnie and offered to give the girls piggy back rides. Chapman recalls running home to get mittens, to only come back to find Maria and Johnnie gone.  Charles Ridulph now 65, remembers the day his sister was stolen and the day her murdered body was discovered.  Ridulph is now relieved that a once one time neighbor is charged with kidnapping and murder.

Police suspected Jack Daniel Mc McCullough 71, nearly 50 years ago, however he submitted an alibi. McCullough claims he was on a train traveling from Rockford to Chicago.  Now the police have pouch holes in that alibi, after interviewing a then ex-girlfriend, who found an unused train ticket dated the day little Maria came up missing.

 Mc McCullough is being held on a 3 million bond. Sycamore now, hopes to find some closure. FYI 🙂 thisandthat readers!!


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