It is a sad world when one resorts to robbing a bank to receive
medical care.   James Richard Verone robbed
a bank to see a doctor. Verone like many other Americans is a casualty of the
economic woes that plagued the country. He lost his job of 17 years as a Coco Cola
delivery man; ultimately, he took a job at a convenient store as a clerk.  His body became weak; Verona began to have
severe back pain, due to years of bending and lifting, also carpal tone syndrome,
arthritis and problems with his left foot.
If that’s not enough he noticed a protrusion on his chest.  He told the Gaston Gazette “The pain was
beyond the tolerance that I could accept. I kind of hit a brick wall with everything”

This compelled Verone to rob a bank for $ 1.00, on June 9, 2011, gave the teller a note and told her
he would sit and wait for the police.  James Richard Verona did all this just to receive medical care, he is hoping while incarcerated
he will receive back and foot surgery and get the protrusion treated.  The affordable care act will not go into
effect until 2014, while countless Americans are suffering like Mr. Verone.  This was an extreme solution not one that
would have cross my mind, nevertheless you never know what you might do in
stressed situations.

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