Tell us at this and that what you think of Louis Farrakhan
defending Libya leader Moammar Gadhafi regime. Farrakhan argued the United
Nations and their 15 member “terror council” have no valid right to allow NATO
to take military action in Libya. He further states, if China and Russia had vetoed


“none of this would be happening.” Farrakhan left no stone unturned, expressing
his disapproval of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visit to Addis, Ababa, Ethiopia,
calling her “arrogant” “telling Africans what to do with Africa.” Clinton advised  regional leaders to dissolve any dealings
with Gadhafi.  The President of the United
States was no exempt; he went on to say that Obama is surrounded by people who
are Zionist-controlled or Zionist.  Rather
you agree or disagree with Farrakhan position on Libya; he did make a valid
point.  The United States is in no position
to throw stones at Libya, with the high crime and poverty rate here.



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  1. jonolan says:

    This is sort of a “dog bites man” story. Of course Farrakhan, a domestic enemy of America and all member of humanity, sides with a foreign enemy of America and all members of humanity.

    Each deserves the same treatment, a pork fat coated bullet to the guts and being tossed still moaning in a landfill wit the rest of trash – if possible, after forcing them to watch the slow death of the kin unto the last misborn crotch-dropping their females claim were rutted into them by these vermin.

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