Molly Jane Roe 24 years old from Bells Tennessee is
believed to have raped and killed her boyfriend’s 17-month –old daughter.  According to The Jackson Sun, Roe threw the
baby producing a head injury. The little girl Marley Marie Murley was admitted
to a hospital, upon admittance it was discovered she had a bruised vagina and a bite mark on her
neck.  Phillip Murley, Marley dad is not considered a
suspect in this investigation. It is alleged the abuse took place at Roe’s
father’s home. This story is sad, bizarre and shocking all rolled up in one.   What could make someone do such an evil thing?


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  1. She is a crasy bitch

  2. lisa blair says:

    anyone that touches a clild r tries to should be shot i have some in my family once a child melster always one u cantwatch ur child enough thay will get to them there like a dog in heat if ur child dont want them to touch them an thay have to make them hug them u tell ur child thay dont have to hug anyone thay dont want to i know couse i was melested by my farther an my uncle tried to my mom an aunt r still with them an if u stay with them ur just as guilty as thay rmost child mesters have never been cought so there not on the rester of child mesterswatch how ur child acts he r she will tell u everything an thay dont have to say a word an the clild mester know who wont say anything a what child will

  3. Vipin k martin says:

    She is a devil’s daughter.

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