NBC is scheduled to air a drama based on Hugh Hefner first Playboy Club once visited
by numerous gangster in Chicago in the 60’s. One local network will not air the
new drama this fall, according to Los Angeles times KSL-TV in Salt Lake City
owned by Deseret Media Companies and controlled by the Mormon Church, feels the
content of the show is not suitable for the type of image the company
represents. Deseret Media “Seeks to educate people on problems associated with
viewing sexual explicit content.”  NBC plans
to find another home in Salt Lake City to market the new drama.

It seems the idea of Hugh Hefner famous Playboy Clubs
past or present has religious institutions and feminist excited, unfortunately not
in the way Mr. Hefner would prefer. Hugh Hefner was in London June 4, 2011 for
the opening of his new Playboy Club.  Despite
three thousand women applying to be a bunny over a hundred feminist in
the UK protested the opening.  Van Heeswijk
told BBC “The playboy club degrades women as fluffy animals who are marketed as
sexual play things for wealthy men.” Well I do not believe Hugh Hefner holds
that title alone, in every area of the media woman are displayed as objects for
marketing.  For Example: tampon
commercials, swimsuit models, weather girls etc.

Give us your thisandthat opinion:

Is Hugh Hefner getting a bad rep on the new Playboy
Clubs? Is it fair to single him out?

Is this setting woman back, if so why did three
thousand women apply for the bunny jobs?


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