A fellow blogger wrote a blog about battling weight loss, staying on an effective diet. Something she has been battling for years. What is she going to do that she has not done over the pass years? Become rigorous, consistent and dedicated to getting the weight off. I thought about her after reading the blog and just like her I suffer the same battle. If you have been reading my blogs I have been going through physical and mental transition as I near forty.  Things do not seem to work like they use to. Yes I know it happens when you get older. Your body tends to respond slower than usual.  For example, in my twenties and mid thirties I could gain five or ten pounds and as fast as it came it went. It’s a young thang of course; nonetheless I understand the war with the bulge. I have tried exercise, liquid diets, South Beach Diet etc., with no real lasting results.  Not to mention many of the diets leave me fatigued. The question I ask is how to stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight.  

Suzanne Somers “How to Fight Fat after Forty! Shed The Toxins Shed the Fat”, helped me to create a guide to living a healthier life and learning healthier eating habits.   For me a realistic one, the reason I say this.  The book is all about eating right, consciously choosing foods that are healthy for you.  The omega -3 fats are heart healthy. It is about knowing the difference between good or bad fats. Life is water and air; she explains omega fats create a soft pliable membrane around each cell, allowing for water and air to flow. Animal fats from healthy animals like grass –fed cattle are acceptable in moderation. The problem with most animal fat is the food processing industry, contaminates with chemicals, growth hormones, or antibiotics. She also speaks of the types of oils that are good for you, Perilla, Flaxseed, and Fish Oils.  I know now to stay away from Trans fats because they are unnatural they are partially hydrated oils in food such as margarine and shortening. Then there is omega-6 fats that are dangerous found in sunflower, safflower, peanut, soybean and cotton seed oil. Too many omega-6 fats and not enough omega-3 creates a hard membrane around each cell, allowing more cells to malfunction and become unhealthy,   sick, with heart disease , cancer etc.  Bottom line is people; Americans are dying from sugar, process foods, bad oils, and contaminated protein.

For me I decided to watch what I take in my body, and exercise daily, this time I will not only keep the pounds off,  I will continue to

 stay fit , by practicing conscious eating. No more fast foods, McDonald’s, Burger King. I choose to make time to grocery shop and chose healthy foods to cook.   To learn more about eating healthy and shedding pounds go get the book it is loaded with healthy doable information.


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  1. Virgil says:

    I think that it’s very important to eat right. Many of us, particularly in the privileged West will spend lots of time and money investing in the maintenance of everything else other than our health and well being. Our body is the most important machine and so we should take care of it. What we eat, our diet is responsible for a great percentage of our illnesses and causes of death here in the U.S. So investing in our diet is just plain common sense to help ensure that we will have better health, energy, and quality of life as we age. If we put in the cleanest and most natural possible foods that we can as early as we can in life, it will help us go a long way. Remember the cleaner the food, the cleaner our bodies will be to function better. Many overemphasis the cutting and counting of calories, instead of the particular food choices we make. Of the fuel that we put in, fruits and vegetables, are of the most important. Try to ensure that they are preferably organic and as fresh as possible. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can throughout the day. Next our whole grains, which should supply the caloric bulk of what we eat throughout the day. The processed grains or the “bad carbs” as they’re known as, are one of the things responsible for many health issues. They include white rice and flour products like many cakes, cookies, etc. Avoid as much of these as possible. Protein, necessary for repairing the body, should also come from the cleanest food sources possible. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetable contain protein, but more concentrated and cleaner sources include beans, legumes, soybeans and their products. If you include animal products in your diet, try to choose the cleaner sources such as cold water fish and lean poultry. Also try to ensure that they organic, grass fed, and pesticide free. Many of the ailments particularly in the West are because of the over consumption of unclean animal products. Throughout the day, be sure to drink an abundance of clean water, avoiding sugary and carbonated beverages. This basic dietary foundation should be supplemented with vitamins and minerals individually customized and taken to ensure our optimal intake of those nutrients missing in our diet.
    In the West, we pride ourselves on having the best of things and that should also be for what we put into our bodies.

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