Mother you never told me that around 35- 39 I was going to experience a monstrous mental and physical   transformation around and during a special time of the month.  Not the getting older weight gain that is difficult to lose, but my monthly cycle, period, menstruation whatever you prefer.  On a month to month basis it seems to intensify.  Yes! Yes! Yes! I feel enraged sometimes almost to the point of hurting someone. No! I haven’t actually hurt anyone, but the PMS is kicking my ass.  As a young girl I never had problems during my monthly cycle.    Negative for cramps, heavy bleeding or headaches, as my mid to late thirties came around I felt as if I was losing my mind.   The symptoms that were none existence for me as young girl now plagued me as a woman.  I’m at the point where I can’t get out of bed some months. 

When I went to the doctor I explained  my  symptoms and  emotional distress I was exhibiting and he explain to me it was normal for someone my age, as in accept and deal.   Really!  That did not give me a sense of relief I wanted to know what could be done about this situation.  My doctor insisted changing my diet and staying on a regular exercise regimen would help, although I was looking for Xanax.  The diet and exercise change was needed anyway, did it help calm me?  Well!  That being the case the family now understands and recognizes the mood change, and stays out-of-the-way for a few days.  In my Brad Pitt voice as Achilles “Is there no one else”   

If you went through or going through it.  How did you remedy the symptoms?


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  1. I have bad pms a day or two before my period starts. I haven’t been to the doctor about it, my famliy just accepts it and my husband will say, “It must be about that time.” He’s always right. I can’t stand my own self during that time of the month. Rum..lots of rum is only thing I find that helps tame my temper! 😉

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