One year after the devastating earthquake, one million Haitians remain stationed under tarpaulins or tents, not to mention only 5% of the debris has been cleaned away.  Many of the people complain the hot weather during the day and rain flooding the grounds at night makes for miserable living conditions. Although thousands of aid agencies and missionary groups poured into Port-au-Prince, only 42% of the $1.2 billion (£ 1.4 billion) pledged was spent in the relief efforts.  Some agencies blame the lack of communication between the donors and the Haitian government.   It appears countries who donated came with their own set of priorities excluding the Haitian government, affecting what could have been a productive plan to rebuild and provide adequate medical services.  I’m sure there is a good deal of blame to go around, however the people there are dealing with unemployment, cholera, severe poverty and sexual assault on women in the camps.  The political situation remains in flux, due to the fraudulent elections on November 28.  Haiti expects to have a second round run-off sometime next month to elect the new president. Let’s hope the elections are without corruption and flaws, so this country can establish a creditable government to deal with the woes the people face on a daily basis.


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