I was online looking for new movies to watch; a year ago I came across a title that peak an interest “The Stoning of Soraya M”. I looked at the bottom of the title and it said foreign, I really wasn’t in the mood for subtitles, however, the title kept nagging at me.  This movie was set in 1986, Iran, based on the true story of Soraya Mozhan Marno’.  Her husband plots, with the mullah and the town’s mayor to falsely accused her of adultery so; he can marry a much younger girl and avoid child support.  Soraya husband convinces the mullah it will be better for him if she was dead. He knows very well if she is found guilty she will be stoned to death under the sharia law.  First I needed to understand the sharia law, which is a sacred law of Islam, some recognizes it as two primary sources of Islamic law: The divine revelations set forth in the Qur’an and Gods law. 

The law deals with many secular topics, crime, politics, as well as sexuality, diet, hygiene, prayer, fasting etc.;   during my quest for knowledge, I learned the execution is carefully regulated and arranged under a set of articles listed in Islamic penal code.  A law conveniently exhausted to condemn women by the act of stoning. In order to get a conviction to stone someone to death, the process appears complicated. The suspect must confess four times or the act must be witness in person, or by four ethical men or three ethical men and two ethical women. The prisoner is usually buried up to their shoulders (if female) and then stones are thrown by volunteers until the prisoner is dead. By courts law the rocks have to be small enough not to cause instant death, but large enough to inflict pain and suffering before death and it normally last ten to twenty minutes.

Pursuing this further, I learned another woman is facing the same fate. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtriani is to be imprisoned for ten years for the murder of her husband in 2006, and later convicted of adultery.  For this crime she was sentenced to be stoned to death, complete with being whipped 99 times. In her defense she claims her husband was abusive, addicted to drugs and sold her for sex to get money for drugs, she also claimed to have been raped in front of her husband in her own home.  Ashtriani has gain many supporters, political leaders, celebrities, and deceit regular people who are just appalled by the barbaric system.  As of December 2010, it was reported she was released, due to international pressures and public concerns, that is not the case. The Iranian authorities are using state TV to provide a reenactment with Ashtriani playing herself and her son portraying his father. Her son is imprisoned for supporting his mother. He was also temporarily released for this documentary, which gives a visual account of the events that preceded in the death of her husband.  Many believe this is a ploy to poison the public’s view on the case.  If you want to help go to:   


                                                   www. Avaaz.org/en/stop_stoning

By signing the petition you would have added your voice to a most unjust cause.


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