Guess what? More  Charges, what more can shock Detroit residents? At the present zilch! After resigning in September 2008 the former Mayor pleaded guilty to misconduct and obstruction of justice while in office and served four months in jail.   Jailed again in May of 2010 for violation of probation from a prior conviction,  the judge sentenced him to   five years.  Shortly, after, the Federal Government filed charges against Kilpatrick for alleged misuse of campaign funds. Detroiters, sigh and hope this is the end of the Kilpatrick reign shadowing over Detroit.  NOT!   Six months later the U.S Attorney Barbara McQuade announced more Federal charges for the ex-mayor, his father Bernard, associate Bobby Ferguson, ex –director of Detroit’s  Water and Sewage Department Victor Mercado and close friend Derrick Miller are indicted on of bribery, corruption, pay to play, and racketeering charges.

Not to quote Florida Evans of the 70’s TV sitcom Good Times then again Dam! Dam! Dam!  That is what numerous Detroiters were saying when the indictment charges were announced December 2010 against him and his crew. Yes!  His crew it appears the Kilpatrick administration will go down in books as  a street  gang in charge of one of the largest cities in the country.

Some wonder if Detroit will ever overcome this murky period.  I say it is not a question of IF but WHEN.  Nevertheless Kwame Kilpatrick and his associates face serious charges with serious jail time, leaving Detroit residents to deal with the aftermath of more lawsuits.  “A costly aftermath it will be”


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