Coming to Detroit for the holidays make an effort to visit the Charles H. Wright Museum.  This museum is a beautiful 120,000 square foot   state of –the- art facility displaying African-American history.  The tour begins with the exhibition, And Still I Rise:  A Journey Through African-American History and Culture”   Moving through the museum you develop a sense of how it was to live in prehistoric Africa and how life must have been for Africans during the middle passage, as well as their resistance to slavery and their courage to escape bondage through the underground railroad.  Delight in the crafted images of Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and countless other pioneers during the early struggle for freedom.   Visit the Tuskegee Airmen Project, a chronicle account of the first African-Americans aviators  in the U.S. military during World War II.  You will also enjoy Crowning Glories, this exhibition has dozens of hats in a variety of colors and styles, detailing the history of African-American women and hats and why it is such a large part of their heritage.   

    Lastly, Ain’t Nothing like the Real Thing: How Apollo Theater shaped American life, this is traveling exhibition and will be leaving January 2, 2011.  For everyone familiar with the Apollo you know the rich history the theater holds and how it advanced the careers of various entertainers. The exhibit displays memorabilia from the likes of Michael Jackson, James Brown Sammy Davis Jr, Miles Davis Ella Fitzgerald, LL Cool J and many more.   There is much more to see around the museum, so if you are visiting Detroit pay a visit to Charles H. Wright Museum and take in some great culture.


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