An homage to 80’s music. A decade of great musicians, bands and singers. Those of you who grew up in that decade are feeling a little nostalgia.  Yea I know! A few months ago I’m riding home with my nine-year old son, as he annoys me while changing the radio stations. Suddenly we hear “Out of Touch” by Hall& Oates and I say turn it up. I look out the corner of my eyes and to my surprise he is moving his head and singing the chorus, “Out of Touch”.  Normally he complains about the music I like. Of course it has to be ancient if I listen to it. I ask where have you heard this. Just now he says. Who made this he says with excitement and curiosity. I say with full curiosity, Hall& Oates. I thought to myself OK!  Why wouldn’t he like this combination of rock, pop, and soul. Their talent for blending the three made this music Duo synonymous with the early to mid 80’s.

Later that week I pulled out several old CDs I had in the closet. I found Hall& Oates right  along with other artist from that decade. I gave him the CD with Out of Touch and he randomly chose a few more. Wham, “Wake me Up Before you Go-Go”- INXS, “Guns in the Sky”- Culture Club, “Karma Chameleon”- Michael Jackson, “Thriller”, which was already one of his favorites. All he talked about was the sound. I must say “Gun’s in the Sky” peaked much interest in the different instruments used to create the sound.

As much as I enjoy some of the music of today, listening to all my old CDs from the 80′ sure made me appreciate the creativity and uniqueness of artist from that decade. And it is pleasure to know my nine-year old shares the same appreciation for music that stands the test of time. Here’s to Great music no matter what decade.

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